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Dale Thomas started TNT Junk Removal, LLC in Jackson, NJ. He has 27 years in the trash business, and he relies on his expertise to provide fast and efficient services to residents of Monmouth and Ocean counties.

What makes our company stand out is that we offer services outside of Jackson, NJ (throughout the entire state of New Jersey!) with no charge for fuel and no extra charge relating to the size or weight of the load. We charge by the piece. Most jobs require the help of three workers, and larger jobs may require a few extra hands.

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3 reasons to hire a professional junk removal company

Planning a major decluttering project? Consider working with a professional junk removal company for the following reasons:

  1. Time – Our team can complete the job in a prompt and efficient manner. That is why our name stands for Takes No Time!
  2. Resources – We provide the labor and equipment necessary to collect and move your junk 
  3. Convenience – We work with other companies to donate or dispose of your items so you don’t have to

Let TNT Junk Removal, LLC help you declutter your home throughout the state of New Jersey.



I've been in the trash business for 27 years. I've moved on since then and now taking it to the next level doing junk removal. Providing full service in Monmouth and Ocean County and will travel outside if needed. We do not charge for fuel like other guys. We do not charge by the load. We charge by the piece. Most jobs will have 2 guys and bigger jobs may require more. No worries, we don't charge by the worker either.